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September 29th 2014
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Anonymous: Haha whoops forgot I sent it to you :/ {the annie question} What other broadway shows are you a fan of? 

ummm Spring Awakening, The Book of Mormon, First Date, 13 the Musical, Beautiful, [title of show], In the Heights, Bonnie & Clyde, Legally Blonde, and Hairspray that’s what I can think of off the top of my head. As you can see I like newer shows.

September 29th 2014
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Anonymous: If eight of the broadway matildas became the child cast of Annie who would be Annie, Pepper, July, Kate, Tessie, Duffy, Molly, and Annie's standby? Why? 

You already sent me this. And I don’t know I don’t know the show Annie very well.

September 29th 2014 21 notes
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So I got bored so I decided the obvious thing to do was photoshop watermarks out of photos. 

I don’t usually ask for this but since photoshopping watermarks out is pretty time consuming I’m going to ask if you repost these or anything you credit this blog.

September 29th 2014 1 note
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Anonymous: I sent you an anonymous message with who was trading out your ripley video, did you get it? If not can resend 

No I didn’t

September 29th 2014
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Anonymous: If you have the OLC trailer could you maybe post it on here? It's been removed everywhere else on the Internet I think, I can't find it anywhere! 

Do you mean this?

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Dad said I would learn the alphabet

The alphabet!? You better learn to listen kid!

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Full show - Matilda Shapland - 18.09.2014

Full show - Violet Tucker - 20.09.2014

Thank you so much!

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Sophia Gennusa with Luke Kelly, Roald Dahl’s grandson (x

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Quick hellos! Photo cred to @sophiaegennusa love you nugget! #togetherforever

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I’ll be alright with you by my side

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